How to Buy a Car Online During COVID-19

With an increase of cases across the country, businesses are rapidly embracing the omnipresent convenience of online shopping. Before COVID-19, not all businesses were onboard with the digital age. Many businesses clung to in-person, cash transactions, and phone calls to conduct business, but now there is a greater incentive to modernize.

For those who prefer to shop on a mobile device and do not particularly enjoy making phone calls, the world is changing to fit the way you’ve always wanted to shop.

Car Dealerships are not known for selling vehicles online, they have dabbled in the digital space, but have not fully dived in yet. This is changing! While not all aspects of the deal can be done remotely, much if it can be, and I imagine eventually all of it will be.

Look for Buy Online Button

If you are shopping on, you will see an up-to-date inventory of new and used vehicles. Look for the Buy Online button. Go ahead and fill in your information and run through all the steps the digital store has. Following the prompts will eliminate as many in-store processes as possible. The remaining signatures can be taken when your vehicle is delivered at your home! Almost all-online! We’re getting there.


The Future of Auto Sales is Here

When Amazon was founded on July 5, 1994, the Internet was still in its infancy. Few would have imagined that 25 years later, Amazon’s online shopping experience would revolutionize retail.

Adoption takes time. Some question the need for a new technology, while others are interested in what it can do. Curious minds desire to know what new technology does, because they will find an application for it later.

Similarly, friction-less online auto sales has been in the works for some time. Many have dragged their feet on its adoption, clinging to the old ways, but COVID-19 has ushered in rapid change.

The future of auto sales has arrived!

The need for social distancing and the closure of many businesses to slow the spread of COVID-19 is forcing everyone to embrace going digital in a hurry. Fortunately, many digital tools have been around since 2011 (Zoom Video Conferencing), but now they are receiving more use and attention.

Honda will be encouraging the mass adoption of a new tool called Modal. Modal is a virtual retailing tool that transforms the complex car sale into a smooth digital transaction that buyers love.

Traditional paper contracts will be replaced with PDFs that can be signed electronically from an iPad. The transition will shave 2-3 days off the typical time it takes to transact a sale and approve financing.

Hill Country Honda will be one of the first 55 Honda dealerships to sign up with the new virtual retailing tool. With the new tool purchasing online can be completed in 4 easy steps: choose a car, trade old car, pick payment, and review order. After you submit your online order, we can even deliver your vehicle to you! And this could all be accomplished within the same day!

Buying online is the future of auto sales at Honda dealerships across the country.